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Are you tired of monotonous exercises on machines in the gym? But you still want to do something for your body and stay fit? Do you have a fitness goal you want to reach? Do you want to increase endurance, get stronger, or just lose weight? You are a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, we will together make sure you’re matched with the perfect training plan.

My vision of FUNCTIONAL Fitness training

At this stage, it seems necessary to recapitulate the complete process which model my conception of fitness training, physical preparation in general and muscle building in particular.

At the center of the process is breathing. It is essential because we must supply our body with oxygen and for this we must control the good respiratory mechanics. In this sense, it is therefore a base, but also a common thread because it will be necessary to know how to breathe in different positions, as well as during movements.  It will therefore impact proprioception and posture, but also core strengthening, to finally find its final expression through movement in all its dimensions of coordination and rhythm, power, amplitude and endurance (breathing while moving).

Controlling the position and placement of the body (proprioception, posture, core stability) is also essential. It is a basis in itself but which is also a thread. You can also follow the path in the opposite direction. The movement is conditioned by the mastery of the core stability and the posture, which are anchored in the proprioceptive activity and the respiration. The following illustration is a faithful representation.

A well-adjusted and assembled embolism of these different concepts, will result in a healthy and effective fitness training.

Functional FITNESS training

Functional fitness training originates in the world of sport medicine, and it focuses on movement, not muscle building. It comes from the idea that the exercises that athletes do to recover are the best for maintaining general health and improving functional strength. Its purpose is to teach you exercises that can be used to handle your own body weight on all planes of movement.

How are we gonna train together?

I will work with you to design a program that suits you, your goals and abilities and your timetable. Then, we will work together as a team to reach your personal goals. I am very flexible and am always happy to train at a time that is convenient for you.

We will focus on getting your body to its optimum condition, while avoiding injuries and staying healthy. Exercises will revolve around improving posture, stability and balance. Your sessions will involve a controlled amount of instability exercises, in order for you to regain your own, natural stability.

Through functional fitness training, we will develop true strength and power.

All training tools will be provided for you. You only need to bring yourself, a bottle of water and motivation!

We can either train outside or at our studio located in Körterstr. in Kreuzberg, or at your place. I am even happy to come to your home and train there! See my price list for more information on this. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me, I will be happy to help you.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, i will be happy to help you.