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Find the right English-speaking Personal Trainer in Berlin Kreuzberg

Practicing a sport every week, following a program, and a step-by-step progression plan in order to achieve a personal fitness goal requires dedication, mental training, and discipline more than just physical willpower; training harder and longer, learning new exercises, lifting heavier weights, running more kilometers is nothing compared to the determination required to train 2 to 4 times a week.

A personal trainer will provide you with the motivation you need and maximize your time, money, and energy spent on each workout, making each session as effective and safe as possible.

However, finding a personal trainer in Berlin can be difficult due to the many personal trainers available, and finding the right one can be as hard as working out regularly.

On the contrary, finding places to train in Berlin is very easy, you can train outdoors or indoors, in public fitness areas, or in one of the many fitness studios that can be found all over Berlin.

The question is whether you need a personal fitness trainer or whether you can train on your own in a fitness studio or outdoors?

Starting to train means motivation and commitment.

Training regularly, alone or with a personal fitness trainer, requires discipline, a great deal of motivation, and knowing why you are training. Once a goal has been set, training sessions can be set up, following a specific program to reach that goal.

Once your program begins, it is also crucial to give yourself the chance to follow it in the best possible way, remaining efficient and preserving yourself from possible injuries. To do this, it is vital to know how to carry out the exercises planned in each session, in order to be able to train for a long time and in a healthy way and to reach a better physical shape without damaging your body.

A personal fitness trainer or an application and videos?

Learning exercises, and how to do them correctly, can only be done with the help of an experienced fitness trainer who cares about the physical well-being of his athletes.

Unfortunately, despite the thousands of videos and tutorials available on various social networks, learning to perform exercises without outside help, which can attest to the quality of the movements performed, will quickly be both a waste of time and an increased risk of injury in the long term; without previous quality experience in fitness training, you will have to train longer to achieve a goal.

In addition, training on a regular basis requires a discipline that is hard to put in place without the help of a dedicated personal fitness trainer who will be able to motivate you on days when you don’t feel in great shape, but who will also be able to listen to you and adapt the day’s program to your current shape.

How much does an English -speaking private fitness trainer in Berlin Kreuzberg cost?

The cost of a quality English-speaking personal trainer in Berlin can vary depending on the different trainers and what they offer for services to their clients.

Despite the cost of a private fitness trainer, if you really want to progress and have the chance to benefit from the experience of a personal trainer qualified in his or her field, this money spent will be well invested and will at least allow you to learn, during a few sessions, how to perform exercises, as well as the basic principles of the practice of fitness, to exercise and master them until you can perform them alone in a fitness studio of your choice.

I’m happy to offer different types of training, from personal self-defense training to personal functional fitness training, both in English, in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Do not hesitate to consult the prices of my different training formulas, and to contact me if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you very quickly.